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I have several hobbies that don’t involve Graphic Design, most of which involve cutting, sanding, soldering, wiring, casting and just about anything else you can think of.  Below are some samples of what i do with my free time.

3D Printing:

Since i purchased a 3D printer i have become slightly obsessed with making new things as well as using 3D modeling software to create my own designs to print.

The Party Cooler:

My friends and I have enjoyed going on float trips since college and back in 2007 I decided I wanted to have some good music on the river for the float trip.  The party cooler was born. Half cooler and half car stereo the party cooler is great for float trips, tailgating, camping etc.   I have added more features and made them more efficient over the years.  I’ll sell the previous version and then create a new one with better components or new add ons.

Daft Punk Helmets:

This started as something I just wanted to do for Halloween one year.  I wanted to be Daft Punk but discovered that you really couldn’t buy any costumes. So I set out on researching online, seeing what processes were required.  Bought the materials and created a helmet then assembled the electronics.  Not 100% accurate mind you, but at least close enough to look good.

Computer Builds:

Another one of my hobbies is to build computers for friends and to fix/troubleshoot problems with desktop and laptop computers.  Pictured are a few of my most recent computer builds.