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Born in Columbia, MO, I went high school in Moberly, MO, college in Maryville, MO, and am now living and working in Kansas City, MO.

Although I have not lived anywhere other than Missouri (well Kansas, but that’s basically the same) I have traveled more than many in the US.  I’ve been to almost every state now and have also visited England, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, The Republic of Moldova, Mexico, and Jamaica.

I’ve been interested in graphic design since high school which led to my choice in schooling at Northwest Missouri State University.  I graduated from NWMSU with a Bachelors in Interactive Digital Media with a Visual Imaging emphasis.  This was a great degree for me as it was more of a broad degree that encapsulated many types of digital media, from 3D modeling to print publishing I have a wide knowledge base and understanding of digital media.

I now work at a company called UL (Underwriters laboratories) which was previously known as Innovadex (purchased by UL in 2013)  which was previously known as Chemidex (the company was renamed when moving into the food additives market).